It wasn’t until the middle of autumn that Rebecca and Michael got in touch to start discussing the wedding flowers for their winter wedding. As time was tight, we spoke a lot on the phone, Skyped and emailed too. It was clear very quickly that Rebecca deeply valued flowers and the overall design of the arrangements as well. We spoke at length about the shape, style, and impact their flowers would have on the room and I was really keen to make sure everything I provided would exceed her ideas and hopes. 

For their winter wedding, Michael and Rebecca had chosen to marry in Rye. Whilst they lived and worked in Surrey, they had fallen in love with The George in Rye and were making regular trips down to the south coast to attend the local church and imbed themselves in the area.

Rye is a beautiful, tiny village just inside the Kent boarder. It’s a village of cobbled streets, twittens and alleys, and plenty of Fish and Chip shops and pubs. 

The George is a very special place. I have yet to find somewhere that creates such a cosy, atmospheric setting for a winter wedding as easily as this venue does. And Rebecca and Michael’s wedding day really tested this! I set up during a morning of heavy grey sky, and constant grey drizzle. Their photographer, Claudia Rose Carter captured some beautiful shots of the battered coastline, whilst indoors, the grey skies just made the fairy lights twinkle even brighter!

The ballroom at The George is decorated with panels of muted, highly decorative wallpaper. When you look closely you can see many colours in the room, though the overall effect is still a fairly pared-back palette. We were careful not to over crowd the room, which aside from the decorated panels, had a luxurious Christmas tree decorated and placed in one corner, as well as wreaths hung in front of each mirror. Decoration overkill would’ve been quite easy.

The table centres I designed focused on the neo-classical, organic shape we had spoken so much about. They were designs that sat low on the table, allowing conversation to flow between guests during dinner. Each arrangement had an arm or two of long, gently flowing foliage sprawling across the table, which made such  difference to the impact these designs created across the room, and added an extra line of movement in the arrangements. 

Our colour palette was white and cream, with rich green foliage, and a few touches of black. The black-eyes Anemones were the stars of the show here!

And Rebecca’s bouquet…I loved creating this arrangement. I wanted to incorporate plenty of negative space amongst the design, really giving the blooms room to speak and be seen. Roses, Anemones, Privit berries, Jasmine foliage, Ranunculus, and Sweet Peas (in the middle of winter!) all worked so beautifully together, and the overall look is pure elegance. 

Rebecca got in touch after the wedding and commented, “we were very pleased! I was so grateful for the support and guidance (and patience!) in the run up to the day. This made me feel confident with our decision…we had an amazing day! Thank you for all your help.”