Last Sunday I spent the day in Worthing at Belle’s Vintage Wedding Fair held in Worthing Dome. It was a beautiful day. The sun shined all day, set-up and set-down went without a glitch and the whole day was imbued with a a really great atmosphere. One of the best aspects of the day was meeting and talking with other exhibitors and future brides and grooms. I had a stall between Louand Jordana, both sweet, funny, talented and creative women – lots of conversations about life, breastfeeding and sharing ideas. I also spent some time drooling over some beautiful vintage clothes; an incredible selection of unique timepieces, cared and looked after by the mother and daughter duo, Margaret and Leslie. And tried to sound like I know what I’m talking about regarding cameras/photography/light with the very talented Sam. It was a great day! It should also be mentioned that Kelly – the brains and creative force behind Belle’s Events – was an excellent host, looking after all the exhibitors and organising a great venue for a superb day. Thank you Kelly!



I also need to give a huge THANK YOU to a lovely lady who I’ve only met recently, but who has already been a great support to my business. Rebecca has a great shop in Meads, a small suburb/village on the outskirts of Eastbourne, just a few minutes from my home. Her shop, Makings and Doings, hosts a fantastic selection of vintage furniture, all restored and some reworked to impeccable condition. Rebecca’s shop is glorious, the pieces she selects are strong, solid pieces, and all are practical. There’s functionality to all the items in her shop, very little frill and flounce, and none of the rose-tinted saccharine vintage displays that have become so common. I thoroughly recommend browsing the shop and enjoying the collection! I have so far managed to rest buying too much, but the turquoise vase in the photo below is a gem from her shop.