Let’s just pretend I never let my blog go for about a year. Good. Now we’re all on the same page.

I think it’s time I introduced you to a wedding or two, don’t you? As always, this year has bought me some really wonderful couples to work with. There’s been Sarah and Adam, Angela and Mark, Amii and David, Lucy and Simon…but let’s start with Bonnie and Sam.

I first met with Bonnie and Sam and their little boy, Buddy, back in November and as I heard their wedding plans unravel I became more and more excited. I mean, if a couple have wedding invites that look like this:


…you know you’re in for a good time. One of the most exciting aspects of this wedding was their request to steer away from using many – if any – flowers and really to make the best use of all the different shapes, colours and textures of foliage. Triffids were mentioned. And forests and glades. Green really was the focal point.


We chose to hang bundles of moss, twigs, ivy and other foliage from the very high beams in the reception room at the barn. They drew the eye upwards and added a subtle but really unusual decoration to the room. Once up on the beams the wire used disappeared and the little mossy globes hung suspended above the guests. I would love to have seen them once the evening had drawn in and the fairy lights were more prominent…beautiful!




It was so much fun to create something so different and to work with such a variety of foliage! We really are spoilt with the abundance of greens available to us and there is very little that looks so lush and bountiful en masse.


Another wonderful highlight was to be able to work with Leanne of Letterbox Lane. She is a beautiful creative soul who I only managed to meet a a few weeks prior to Bonnie and Sam’s wedding, though we were both involved in different aspects of the day. We knew of each other for a while before meeting through our husbands who have worked and toured together. I felt we would get on well as we share a love of charity shop and flea market shopping, alongside a more obscure fascination with hardware stores (think it’s the variety of tools and the woody/dust smell). My instincts were spot on and it was great to have a friend involved on a project and see Leanne’s work in the flesh. Last year, several of my family members received LBL gifts at Christmas and I strongly recommend everyone have a look at her whimsical and beautifully crafted prints and plates now!


Bonnie and Sam were constantly delightful and everything went so well on the day. I truly hope they live happily ever after with great memories of a truly special day celebrating their relationship. I was so happy to be a part of it!




Photos by the lovely Simona de Michelis where marked.