Ella and Andrew were married in the heat of the summer in the large gardens behind The Griffin Inn in Fletching. 

I love this pub. It is true old-England style without being twee or over-the-top. The food cooking always smells AMAZING, and the staff are kind and helpful. When you step out the back and walk through the beer garden, you are presented with an utterly stunning vista of the South Downs. On these lawns Ella and Andrew set up a TeePee and ate barbecue. Yeah…I wanted to be invited too.

Ella loves all things green, and we spent a long time talking about favourite hedgerow plants and trying to really make the most of the season. It’s often the case that cultivate forms of wild flowers are readily available from cutting gardens and wholesalers, and with careful selection a truly wild and organic style can be achieved. Sadly, hedgerow flowers often wilt almost immediately upon cutting so are really difficult to use in wedding designs. A great example of this is Cow Parsley, which was at it’s abundance for Ella and Andrew’s wedding and a top choice for their flowers, but just not useable in it’s wild form. But my wonderful wholesaler provided delicate Ammi in bucketfuls which worked wonders. 

Ella also wanted to create something that both she and her bridesmaids would be able to keep and enjoy long after the wedding day was over. I created a gorgeous floral crown for Ella and individual wrist corsages for the maids. Ella said, “my floral head piece was perfect, exactly what I imagined, and the floral corsages you made for my bridesmaids were so lovely – as they put their flowers in water on the cake table after the ceremony, having a corsage to continue wearing meant they had the bridesmaid element without having to worry about carrying anything.”

And I loved how the textural buttonhole worked so beautifully with Andrew’s suit!

Ferns, Solomon’s Seal, and Alliums played a pivotal role in both the bouquet and the table pieces. Green is the best colour to use inside a space to create a sense of “freshness” and space, and clean, brilliant white plays off the green backdrop beautifully. 

“We didn’t go all out with home made decorations or anything for our tipi, we had the company provide lots of fairy lights wrapped around the beams, but I was relying on the foliage along the tables to bring the whole space together. I had not seen the tipi since the day before, so hadn’t seen the flowers in situ, but as we walked into the tipi after our ceremony I remember feeling SO incredibly pleased and happy and overwhelmed with the final result! It just looked  absolutely  wonderful, and made the tipi 110% the space I had imagined throughout the months of planning.”

This was the first time I worked with Mark Tattersall, a wonderful photographer who I know was one of the first suppliers Ella and Andrew booked, they loved his work so much!

“Thank you so much for all you did Rachel, my bouquet and floral crown were so perfect, exactly what I had imagined. The lush bunches of foliage for my bridesmaid and in the tipi were just wonderful, they made the tipi the most perfect space, and my bridesmaids were all SUPER happy with their bouquets.”