What would people be surprised to know about you?

I’m naturally a massive introvert…I seem social and jolly…but I used to hide in wardrobes as a kid when new visitors came to our house because I was so scared of other humans. I’m still a solitary creature. Like a lone wolf in a party outfit!

What’s your greatest struggle right now?

Being my own bad boss. I have time, resources, finance, yet I’m wasting my jobless and motherless freedom to create lots, but I stare and coast along too much because I can, and because there’s no kids to pick up at 3! The music eventually gets written, but I could have churned out more than I have, and that gets me down…I need a strict boss!

Is there a quote/mantra/saying you keep coming back to?

  1. comparison steals joy
  2. where you stumble, there lies your treasure (Joseph Campbell)
  3. To send light into the darkness of mans’ hearts, such is the duty of the artist.

Final photo by CK Goldiing. All other images Vanessa Forero.

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