When your bride spends at least 50% of your wedding consultation talking about her love of cactus, I knew I’d found a flowery-friend. And then they mentioned their venue (The Bell in Ticehurst) and their photographer (the ever-wonderful Dale Weeks) and I couldn’t have been happier!

Sam and Daniella wanted to create a day that fully reflected their own tastes and quirky aesthetics and had booked The Bell as a fitting venue for their day. The Bell is an old-time pub in a sweet village in Sussex, but decorated throughout with some incredible antiques in incredible places (wait until you find the Tubas) and bespoke design pieces (I’ll just mention the neon sign hung on the wall of the reception area). It is the quirkiest of the quirky and perfectly matched Sam and Daniella’s sense of humour and fun!

As their wedding was set for October, Daniella wanted to choose a flower palette that reflected the season, without becoming too predictably autumnal. With this in mind, I developed a palette of buff, gold, ochre, white and pale grey-green. This was the first time I was able to use cut flowers from our allotment for a wedding, and I loved how the Cosmos added light and movement, whilst the rusty coloured Rudbeckia added depth and warmth to the more neutral tones.

An emergency fresh hair piece was made for Daniella, which the Carnations (my secret weapon and a highly underrated flower) and Eryngium worked beautifully for. These flowers are really, really long lasting and will have remained fresh all day and into the night. In fact, after the day, Daniella got in touch and mentioned the hair piece; “thank you so much for turning it around so quickly. I still have it dried at home. It was absolutely stunning and fitted my vision perfectly”.

I am always interested to know who the couple have booked as their photographer as it is a hugely important decision, and almost as important as choosing who does your flowers… 😉 I have worked with Dale a few times over the last four or five years and think he has such a great eye for colour, composition, and capturing the unexpected. 

For me, Daniella and Sam’s flowers were a perfect embodiment of the couple, the venue and the season. Everything worked together simply and beautifully, and the flowers worked together in a slightly magical way that gave so much happiness. 

Congrats, Sam and Daniella!