The Benefits of Negativity

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Six months ago I visited Sheffield to work on a couple of weddings with the glorious florists at Swallows and Damsons. For those of you who don't know, this is a teeny tiny flower shop and the home of events florist and all-round floristry-glory-beast, Anna Potter. Swallows and Damsons' Instagram feed is full of [...]

Putting Flowers on the Table

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I’ve been mulling over in my mind during the last few weeks why it’s a good thing to buy flowers. As I am now spending quite a lot of time encouraging people to take notice of blooms and buds and suggesting people part with money to decorate their wedding ceremony or dining room table with [...]

Double Happiness

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I’ve been putting off writing this post for quite a few days now, and actually putting off writing any sort of post for several months! But I take infrequent blog writing as one of the privileges of having a very mini readership. So this post will be my best attempt to try to put into [...]


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THE TREE PEAONY IS FLOWERING!! It feels like I’ve been waiting for ages, not only for the huge buds to finally pop, but for the flowering season for these beauties to begin. When I started working in the gardens of Mr S., the Peonies had just blown over, and whilst the faded petals on the [...]

Spring Sprung

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I guess as over a month has gone by another blog post is waaaay overdue. This seems to be the way life goes when you’re working a handful of jobs – that for days and weeks you can feel like there’s really nothing going on, all your efforts are quietly hidden as you work away [...]


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I don’t have much to say this month. Mostly things have been cold, and I’ve had a cold. There’s a lot of expectation in the air; for spring, for Brides and Grooms being met and weddings being planned, for investments now and hope for the future. Having to wait patiently whilst plans unfold is not [...]