Yellow Haze

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I like taking fuzzy photos. I have been criticised for this before but I just keep doing it. I do at least try to have one point of focus in the photo but I like to have to look for it. And sometimes the photos that are taken result in a lovely glow-like haze around [...]

Double Happiness

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I’ve been putting off writing this post for quite a few days now, and actually putting off writing any sort of post for several months! But I take infrequent blog writing as one of the privileges of having a very mini readership. So this post will be my best attempt to try to put into [...]


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THE TREE PEAONY IS FLOWERING!! It feels like I’ve been waiting for ages, not only for the huge buds to finally pop, but for the flowering season for these beauties to begin. When I started working in the gardens of Mr S., the Peonies had just blown over, and whilst the faded petals on the [...]