Location: Brighton Seafront and Rottingdean

Photographer: Joanna Brown

Model: Sunny Jennings

Published: The Wedding Collective

Well, this was just pure indulgent flowery FUN. Having worked with Jo previously, and living just along the road from one another, we decided to get together in March and just make some flowers and take some shots. 

We pulled a few outfits together, and Jo asked her friend, Sunny, to model for us, and off we headed to Rottingdean beach.

I planned the flowers as little as possible. I spent some time checking the market and the palette of colours and shapes started to take place as I looked through the stock. Actually – deciding on the open, crinkled petals of the Poppies became the central focus. I really wanted to use these beautiful flowers as they are just stunningly beautiful and not available for very long, just a few weeks at the end of spring. I spent several days watching them as they sat perfectly still in the sun on my windowsill, waiting for the fuzzy pods to crack open. Poppies are notoriously nonchalant when it comes to participating in florists’ plans and these were pivotal!

To my delight and relief, they opened! The soft peach and bright orange-yellow were complimented with fried-egg like Narcissus. I then used a base of mauve coloured Lilac, Iris, Carnation and Limonium. I don’t often work with contrasting colours like this and it was a challenge! A really enjoyable one, but definitely threw me out of my comfort zone! 

Another challenge to the day was the wind that whipped across the beach. It battered the flowers to mush and forced Sunny into her thick coat whenever there was a break in the photos. Whilst it was a beast on the day, it’s easy to say that the effect of the wind through the flowers, the material of the dresses, and Sunny’s hair is absolutely stunning and looks so beautiful and picturesque in the shots Jo got.

As mentioned in previous writings, Jo is a master when it comes to using light and dark. I love the shadows on Sunny’s skin, and the sheen caught by the soft ruffles on her dress. 

As the day drew to a close I wanted to try out the sparklers I had bought with me and we placed them into a twiggy design I constructed in one of Brighton’s sea huts. Watching the bright, erratic light change the shadows and play on the walls and across the floor was mesmerising. It was fascinating to watch and felt like the gentlest way to allow the day to draw to a close. 

Thanks for so much fun, Jo! Again sometime?