Floristry is a wonderful part of the life I have with my family in Eastbourne on the south coast of England. My patchwork life marries cello playing and teaching with cooking and bringing up our toddler, gardening on the allotment with crafting, and flowers, flowers, flowers!


The greatest part of my job as florist is creating flowers for weddings and big life events. I do floristry because I love love, I love people, and I love celebrating relationships!  To work with a couple as they make plans for their wedding day is one of the greatest privileges and I love each unique collaboration. I have a strong eye for colour and form, and flowers are abundant in both.


Floristry is the joy of working with my hands. Creating something from scratch to a vision I play with quietly in my mind. Being led by nature – revelling in its abundance and working within its limits. Floristry reminds me of the love I have for gardening and gardeners, and the strange combination of nature and nurture involved in growing plants from seed.


If you would like to talk with me about your wedding or special event, please get in touch.